Undertaking scheduled Maintenance and inspections for issuing a Building Warrant of Fitness (BWOF)

Fire Compliance Services assess the risk, consult with all stakeholders, providing solutions across a range of products to best protect your assets and site.

  • Scheduled Inspections and Testing for SS features
  • Issue of form 12A’s and form 11’s (when applicable).
  • Collating and review of subcontractors form 12A’s
  • Issue of BWOF
  • SS1 Automatic systems for fire Suppression
  • SS2 Automatic or Manual emergency warning system
  • SS3/1 Automatic doors
  • SS3/2 Access Controlled Doors
  • SS3/3 Interfaced fire or Smoke controlled doors or windows
  • SS4 Emergency Lighting systems
  • SS5 Escape route pressurisation systems
  • SS6 Riser Mains
  • SS13/3 Smoke Control systems – smoke curtains
  • SS14/2 Signs relating to a system or feature specified
  • SS1-SS13
  • SS15/1 System for communicating information to facilitate evacuation
  • SS15/2 Final exits
  • SS15/3 Fire Separations
  • SS15/4 Signs for communicating information to facilitate evacuation
  • SS15/5 Smoke Separations

We customise our service to suit your needs, from issuing of Form 12A’s following scheduled maintenance inspections, managing the entire BWOF process, undertaking site specific inspections, ensuring the ongoing reliability of the systems.

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